Higher Ground at Manitou

          ~Green Burial~

Manitou is exploring the possibility of developing a conservation cemetery for Green Burials on the Manitou land. We envision helping you lay loved ones to rest, blending the experience of Nature, peace and stillness with conservation, today and for generations to come. Guidance, support, and practical experience we would bring to tending your loved one at home—and managing all the details—include:

  • Education: Learn from start to finish about this natural, affordable alternative. Talk to our expert volunteers who know the ropes and others who have done it all before for their loved ones; consult the informative links we are posting soon on our website. It’s not complicated!
  • Advocacy: Discover the benefits of green burial and how they best work for you. Your priorities may well include: tending personally to your loved one with close friends and family; having their remains (or yours) nourish the Earth; supporting a serene woodland sanctuary, along with others committed to sustainable care; saving money over non-eco-friendly options.
  • Assistance: We can arrange for every service and resource you may need to envision and gracefully conduct the honoring of a loved one (or yourself!) in a natural burial.
 If this interests me, what steps do I take?                                                                                                                                                                                                       It’s never too soon to start thinking…
  • Share with loved ones your thoughts and intentions for end-of-life and advance care planning*, disposition of remains, and memorial service. Engage them in your thinking and listen to theirs. (*For free assistance, contact brattleborohospice.org or 802-257-0775 ext. 101)
  • Consider what parts of this vision most speak to you as a way to get engaged, be it with the land itself, in relation to families charting their own course, or sharing with the community at large.
  • Reflect on what facet of stewardship might be most fulfilling for you: trail making, forest-keeping and tending of the land; financial support; maybe helping with outreach and education?
  • Contemplate how you may wish to incorporate Nature and the land into your own memorial service or that of loved ones.
 What would Green Burial at Manitou cost?
  • Manitou would not charge a fee for any service it provides through volunteers. Green burial plots are not sold. However, Manitou gratefully receives tax deductible gifts in furtherance of its mission of conservation, ecological education and advocacy, and spiritual advancement. Manitou plans to share proceeds of tax deductible gifts with its nonprofit partners collaborating on the green burial initiative.
  • Third party costs for services arranged (but not directly provided) by Manitou may include excavation of a designated plot, construction of a simple casket of locally sourced softwood (pine or spruce), and dry ice for preserving body temperature before interment.
 What exactly does my donation to Manitou support?

Ongoing conservation and stewardship responsibilities that make Green Burial possible include costs for hands-on activities and land ownership such as:

  • Test hole digging to identify appropriate burial plots
  • Low impact preparation for driving access (modest grading, culverts and permeable surface) to wheelchair trails
  • Completing wheelchair trails                                                                               
  • Printing education and outreach materials
  • Contribution towards property taxes and liability insurance for green burial land
Are there guidelines for participation?                                                                                                                                                                                                           We believe everyone involved should have a way to give back that inspires them.                                                                                                                       Opportunities include:                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Commitment to Community with Nature, Manitou’s vision, through Manitou membership.
  • Membership can include tending trails, particularly those providing wheelchair access to Green Burial sites, as well as whatever financial contribution suits your situation.
  • Interest in becoming a support team member in an area of special interest to you such as:
    • tending the land, custom meditation shelter and trailside benches
    • engaging with individuals and families around their prospective involvement
    • assisting in education and outreach

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Is Manitou Green Burial right for you? 

Let us know your thoughts and questions!


“People are turning toward deeper, more nourishing relationships with death and its rituals; and with the improved environment they are hoping to leave behind.”

                                – Lee Webster, national leader in green burial






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