Healing Walks

One of Manitou’s very special traditions, initiated by our founder, Pam Mayer, is the Healing Walk, held on the second and fourth Friday of each month, from 4-6 PM, from May to October.  This is a reflective walk around Manitou’s Sanctuary Trail, lightly facilitated by a Manitou member.  The walks include the opportunity for both contemplative time and voluntary sharing.
A guiding premise of Manitou is that it’s essential to true healing to be still, to quiet the everyday mind, interrupt our daily routines, in order to open to experience of other dimensions.  Pam once said, “we offer an awakened land, so everything is possible.”  Manitou, through its sacred places, and the energy that has been given to tending the land, offers this healing sanctuary that enables us to more readily experience this stillness, receptivity and openness.